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Pascoe Vale Electricians

Expert Electrician in Pascoe Vale

Are you a resident of Pascoe Vale and facing the very common problem of a hike in electricity bills during peak summer and winter due to increased usage of heating and cooling systems? If so get in touch with AF Electrical, master electrician in Pascoe Vale. We will visit your premises, inspect the house from an energy consumption angle and recommend measures that will help insulate it better from external weather fluctuations. This invariably leads to a decrease in electricity bills and substantial savings. Our home energy audits have benefited many households in Pascoe Vale.

Comprehensive Services from AF Electrical

We are reputed for delivering high levels of performance and customer service in all work undertaken by us. This includes routine general power, lighting and wiring and fixing safety switches and home automation systems. AF Electrical will also fully secure your home by installing state of the art surveillance systems like CCTV cameras and audio video networks.

On the commercial front we are experts in such specialised tasks like testing and tagging services and recommending on site power requirements to meet future expansion planes.

The excellent quality of services AF Electrical offer to our customers has been recognised with the award of STATE MASTER ELECTRICIAN title in 2014 for Victoria. We are proud of this accreditation and constantly strive to excel in the electrical industry. This is borne out by our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to all calls made by our customers.