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Reputed and Proficient Electrician in Mernda

A reputed electrician is always advised for any electrical work, big or small. Sub quality jobs can quickly turn into hazards and are often the cause of accidents and electrical fires. You can always depend on AF Electrical to deliver superior work every time, due to our stringent quality control measures on all jobs undertaken by us. Our electrician in Mernda can be trusted to carry out his task quickly and effectively keeping your safety in mind.

Range of Services offered by AF Electrical

Our range of services covers residential, commercial and industrial premises.The most common work for all clients isthe general power or wiring work and setting up of safety switches, circuit breakers and switch boards. Lighting depends on clients’requirement and ranges from normal ones to specialised systems linking automation networks with sophisticate sensors to control the intensity of light. On the domestic front we also install home automation systems and security networks which include CCTV cameras and alarm units.

AF Electrical is also authorised to carry out testing and tagging of electrical equipment in commercial and industrial establishments. This ensures that your machinery conforms to safety standards as specified under Australian laws.

Call us for routine or emergency work, even outside normal working hours.