Always call for the best when you need any electrical work carried out in your home or office. Amateur electricians can cause accidents with their subpar work. Long after the work is completed shoddy work can cause short circuits and electrical shock,in worst case scenarios it can result in a major blaze too. To prevent these possibilities,ensure any electrical jobs carried out by fully insured, licensed, and bonded electricians in Melbourne.

A good electrician will offer a wide range of services spread across domestic and commercial settings. Routine services offered by them should include general power and lighting, installation of switches or circuit breakers and complete electrical wiring.New wiring is a complicated procedure as any estimate needs to consider present and future expected loads. This requires a great deal of professional expertise and experience. Once installed, a home or office cannot easy change or updated its wiring, so it is important to get it right first.

Electricians also offer a number of specialised services too. In commercial and office spaces, testing and tagging is very important. It ensures all sensitive and heavy duty electrical equipment operates at peak levels, in accordance with stringent Australian standards. Only accredited electricians have the authority and skill to legally conduct these tests and services. Another specialist service a Melbourne electrician can perform, is installing the increasingly popular home automation system.

Top of the line electricians in Melbourne can also carry out an energy audit of your home. A knowledgeable electrician will inspect your premises to suggest ways and means for increase energy efficiency in your home. This could include using LED lights instead of the conventional incandescent, fluorescent lamps or strengthening the insulation of your home. These small changes can result in dramatic reduction in electricity consumption and bills.

If you are looking for an award winning and licensed electrician in Melbourne, AF Electrical should be your first choice. We provide residents of Melbourne and its suburbs with high quality electrical service. This resulted in us being awarded the much coveted title of State Master Electrician for Victoria, 2014. AF Electrical is a fully licensed and bonded company, offering the whole range of electrical services for homes and offices. Call us for an energy audit, we’ll ensure that your home is safe, secure from electrical hazards and energy efficient.

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