Tips to Protect Your Home from Electrical Hazards

You may believe your home is safe and secure from electrical hazards, but are you aware of the danger lurking behind your outlets, wiring and appliances? If unattended to, these electrical points can be fatal for your family, especially kids who might unknowingly touch live wires.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your home is fully protected and free of any risk.

  • Electrical outlets often get water splashed on them, especially those in the kitchen near the sink. If this happens, never pull out the wet cord from the socket. It’s LIVE! Be sure to switch off the outlet and then pull the cord out to dry.


  • Faulty wiring is the singular most common cause for setting off residential fires. Wiring that had been installed decades back for specific load factors will have definitely outlived its utility. If there are voltage fluctuations, or your circuit breakers trip frequently, call in certified electricians and have your wiring system checked comprehensively. If advised to do so, replace the system. After all, there is nothing more important than your family’s safety.


  • If you have growing children in your home, keep electrical appliances out of reach. Have outlets covered with plastic plugs. Curiosity might lead children to put their fingers in the sockets resulting in shock and possible electrocution.


  • Discard malfunctioning appliances. Spin dryers that run slow or microwave ovens that cause circuits to break when switched on are a strict NO-NO in the house. That toaster that keeps smoking obviously needs to go! Again, be sure to switch off the main panel before unplugging these old appliances and discarding them appropriately.

These points may seem basic, but often there is a thin dividing line between caution and serious accidents that can leave children with electric burns or electrocution. You owe it to your family to keep taking that a few moments to keep them out of harm’s way.

One final word – Don’t hesitate to call in a certified electrician for any electrical repairs or inspections within your home. For residents of Oakleigh, AF Electrical is a great choice. We have trained electricians who offer the quality solutions for your home ready to provide you with award winning service.

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