Test and Tag Services for Equipment Operation & Safety



Testing and tagging is where electrical equipment used in a commercial environment is inspected to ensure that they are performing at peak efficiency & safe levels. Malfunctioning equipment can have disastrous consequences in the workplace and is why the periodical electrical ‘test and tag’ help to avoid hundreds of potential accidents year on year. Let’s not forget by not having to replace damaged equipment and by avoiding the possibility of insurance claims there is a substantial savings every year for any business who frequently uses electrical equipment.

If you’re in need of regular test and tag in Melbourne AF Electrical should be your first choice. We are a 100% certified and a Master electrician accredited company offering fast, affordable and no hassle test and tag services that meets OH&S requirements. Our team of electricians have the required qualification and experience to undertake all forms of testing of electrical equipment as per stringent Australian standards. These are –

  • AS/NZS 3760: 2010 – It focuses on methods to be adopted for testing and tagging as well as guidelines for to be followed for inspection.
  • AS/NZS 3012: 2010 – It outlines inspection and testing of electrical installations mainly at construction and demolition sites.


The frequency followed for carrying out regular testing and tagging depends on a few factors namely the type of office or commercial premises and the risk potential of the electrical equipment used. We also evaluate the operating conditions of the equipment as this has a great impact on the condition of the machines and speed of deterioration in their operation. For example if the equipment is exposed to excessive heat, moisture or dust and vibration we recommend testing and tagging at frequent intervals.

Electrical test and tag in Melbourne is carried out by us without disrupting your office routine. This includes maintenance and repairs of all equipment onsite, updating log books and colour coding. The general frequency of testing of all electrical equipment including computers, lead, fax and printers amongst others is 3, 6 and 12 months interval. It is the present OH&S and insurance stipulations.

AF Electrical has comprehensive packages for test and tag in Melbourne that gives us an edge over our competitors. This consists of –

  • Unique Barcoding System
  • Electronic Data Capture
  • No additional charges for three phase (polyphase/415V) or power board testing
  • RCD Testing and reporting
  • Supply of your records in both electronic and printed formats
  • Supply of Introduction to Service tags at no extra cost


For more details give us a call.