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SmokeCloak Fog Security is the Only device which addresses the critical time/gap after a break-in occurs. 

“Can`t see it, you can`t steal it.”

  • Reduces visibility within premises practically to 0 in under 60 seconds.
  • Rapidly forces the intruder from your premises.
  • Impedes the thiefs ability to see and steal your goods.
  • Recognised and proven worldwide.
  • Recommended by insurance companies.
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Quality assured
  • Smokecloak complies with AU/NZ Code of practice FS-2011-F2A
  • Don`t take the chance of becoming a victim.
  • Have a peace of mind when you are away from your home or business.
  • Can reduce your insurance premium

What is SmokeCloak Fog Security question_mark

Smokecloak™ is a worldwide proven security system and is the only true method of actually stopping theft. Thieves are fully aware of the long delays before the arrival of Police or Security. Smokecloak is the only proven product that address this critical time gap. See how SmokeCloak works

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We at AF Electrical can install a customised Security Alarm System based on your requirements. AF Electrical provides both local as well as monitored alarm systems including:

  • Local Alarm systems
  • Monitored alarm systems
  • Smoke Detection Systems
  • 24 Hour monitoring
  • Be safe with a Security Alarm System that offers 24-hour protection from burglary and fire.

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The range of  systems available today can simply make it difficult for many consumers to make an informed decision.

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We have no ties with any manufacturer whatsoever, therefore we are able to confidently provide you with the most cost effective solution to any of your security problems.