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Access Control


Many years ago access control was only justifiable to high security areas due to its cost. Today, with prices coming down, access control offers a very attractive alternative to keys and locks. Some of the key benefits include;

  • Business continuity through proactive risk management
  • Improve the safety of customers and/or staff
  • Audit access to premises and assets
  • Integration with other systems where required
  • Limit access to assets to only who’s authorised

Our experts can provide a range of options for your business, including:

  • Advice on cost effective systems to suit individual requirements
  • Single and Multiple door applications
  • P.C. bases control or down load capability
  • Codes, swipe cards, wiegand or proximity readers
  • Keyless entry
  • Central remote management where required

Prompt commercial security systems services are available in all areas of Melbourne.We at AF Electrical can install a customised System based on your requirements.

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The range of  systems available today can simply make it difficult for many consumers to make an informed decision.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to recommend the best product for the situation at hand. From a recent survey of our customers it was noted that 98% of our customers use our services because we get it right the first time, on time and within budget.

We have no ties with any manufacturer whatsoever, therefore we are able to confidently provide you with the most cost effective solution to any of your security problems.