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Safety Switches

Is there a safety switch installed in your home?
Is your family protected against serious injury, electric shocks or even electrocution due to possible faulty appliances and faulty or deteriorated wiring ?

If the answer is no, then you should think very seriously about installing a safety switch. And, do it now.Installing a safety switch is really quite easy and relatively inexpensive considering the protection it can provide.Can you ever put a price on safety and peace of mind?
In Victoria, it is mandatory for safety switches to be installed on both the power and lighting circuits in new properties –
and older properties when extensive renovations are carried out.
If it’s important to have safety switches in new homes,then it makes a good deal of sense to install them in older properties too. More than 60% of Victorian homes have safety switches installed. Victoria’s independent energy safety authority, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) does not believe the figure is high enough to ensure protection for Victorian families.

Basically, electricity provides all the comforts and entertainments we enjoy in our homes. But electricity can be dangerous and should always be treated with care and respect.

Today, we make many more demands on the electrical installation in our homes than previously. We are tempted to install the very latest in labour saving devices and also a large number of entertainment systems. Can the wiring systems in our homes cope with all these extra, high tech appliances? How do we know that the wiring systems are not deteriorating and therefore faulty? Are all the appliances in our home safe – the old ones and the new?

Before you find out the hard way – through a serious electrical incident – install a safety switch. Call Us TODAY 03 9501 7300