Importance of hiring a qualified professional electrician

Young ElectricianBeing aware of serious electrical dangers in your home means more than just keeping your children away from electrical power outlets. The main causes of electric shocks and electrical burns in the home are more often attributed to small household appliances, such as power tools and lighting equipment. Common items that adults are often in contact with.

While working in the garden for example, using an electric hedging tool you accidently cut across the power cord, you could get a very scary electrical shock, but even worse, the sparks from the cord could cause an electrical burn. Electrical burns can cause long-lasting damage to nerves, muscles and internal organs.

What many people don’t realise is that secondary effects from smaller household electric shocks can be extremely damaging. When working up on a ladder, your reaction to an electric shock will likely be to quickly pull away. This could cause you to fall, maybe even break your wrist or hit you head.

Every year dozens of serious injuries occur related to electric shocks and electrical burns in Melbourne. Across Australia, an average of 15 people a year are killed and 300 hospitalised. Not to mention the number of fires related to electrical hazards. The worst part of this is that many of these events could have been effectively prevented.

Have a qualified professional test all of your home’s electrical system and inspect appliances regularly. Be sure that these inspections conform to national standards. A trusted electrician can ensure that your home and electrical appliances are reliable and safe to use. The risk of potentially deadly shocks can be detected through various measurements such as testing the insulation resistance and polarity of an appliance, for example.

There really is no good reason why your home should not be assessed. When it comes to preventing just one critical accident involving a family member, it would absolutely be worth it.