There are many reasons to seek out an electrician in Melbourne. From electrical faults to emergency call-outs owners can often require an electrician unexpectedly.
After the recent storms, electricians are in high demand with owners discovering faults as they inspect their properties. AF electrical has a team of qualified specialists who are ready to handle any electrical emergency. From diagnosing electrical faults to after hour call outs, our electricians are fully certified to provide safe and quality work. We even clean up after we finish!
There is another more routine reason to require electrical services. According to the Victoria government, employers must maintain a safe environment for their employees, which includes maintaining the electrical appliances around the office.
In Australia, testing is done in commercial settings to ensure the machines are all operating safely.
It is important for any business to conduct tagging and testing to reduce their liability and guarantee their equipment is working in the most efficient manner. Malfunctioning equipment can be disastrous resulting in potentially tragic accidents and, at the very least, expensive replacements of damaged equipment. It is also important that the electrician conducting process, is fully qualified with experience. With a less knowledgeable electrician, a business might not realise the danger until it’s too late.
AF Electrical has many years’ experience in tagging and testing Melbourne appliances. We have been awarded the title of Victoria’s state master electrician so you can be confident in the quality of our certified electricians. We pride ourselves on our reliable service and all our work is fully guaranteed.
We provide several comprehensive packages for tagging and testing in Melbourne. They include: Unique barcoding systems, electronic data capture, RCD testing and reporting, along with supplying all your records in dual digital and printed formats. We also include testing three-phase of power board testing and provide an introduction to service tags at no extra cost.
When looking at electricians in Melbourne for emergencies or tagging/testing services look no further than AF Electrical. We offer the full range of electrical services across Metro Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Contact us today to discover how we can tailor a package for your property or business.