Safeguard Your Home Against Electrical Accidents

Electrical Test and Tag
Electric current is a holiday season danger. It can produce severe, deep burns to the body. Scarier still, heart muscles can be effected. By interfering with the heart’s pacemaker neurons, an electric shock can cause the heart to flutter or even flatline.

The warning signs of electrical danger are hidden. Faulty equipment and switches are lurking in homes across Melbourne. And children are most at risk. Especially over the holiday season, where children are at home playing with their new electric toys. Accidents must be prevented.

Here are the key practices to prevent electrical accidents

  • Take care of appliance cords
  • Avoid double adapters
  • Childproof every outlet in your house
  • Check you have safety switches correctly installed
  • Only deal with licensed electricians
  • Watch for water leaks
  • Electrical test and tag all of your electrical equipment

Since the warning signs are not obvious, electrical test and tag is essential to the safety or your home and workplace. Remove your risk of an electrical accident. With AF Electrical you can test and tag in Melbourne.