Commercial Lighting

  • The majority Australia commercial establishments use older, inefficient lighting that accounts for 40% of the electricity bill.
  • Australia is committed to phasing out energy inefficient lamps and devices according to a strict timetable.
  • Proper energy efficient lighting solutions will save you a lot of money over time. $$$$


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Wide range of Lighting Solutions

AF Electrical offers a wide range of lighting solutions to a range of commercial and industrial clients in Melbourne and Suburbs. We can design new lighting layouts or upgrade existing ones. We can also help you ensure that your workplace meets OH&S standards through exit and emergency lighting.


Lighting Solutions
  • Energy saving assessments and advice
  • All types of indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Exit and Emergency lighting installation and maintenance
  • Installation of new lighting
  • Sensors and automation
  • LED and Fluorescent lighting


Why choose AF Electrical 

We pride ourselves on our ability to recommend the best product for the situation at hand. From a recent survey of our customers, it was noted that 98% of our customers use our services in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs because:

  • We get it right the first time
  • Were on time
  • We work with your budget