Smokeshield – Smokecloak Strikes Again

More and more business are turning to the ONLY Anti-Theft device that works. Smokeshield – Smokecloak system has stop thieves again from achieving their goal and stop them dead in their tracks. The number of business being target with cigarettes due to value has become overwhelming. Don`t wait and become a Victim of crime call […]Read More

Emergency or Routine Maintenance? AF Electrical have you covered.

There are many reasons to seek out an electrician in Melbourne. From electrical faults to emergency call-outs owners can often require an electrician unexpectedly. After the recent storms, electricians are in high demand with owners discovering faults as they inspect their properties. AF electrical has a team of qualified specialists who are ready to handle […]Read More

Top of the line Electricians in Melbourne

Always call for the best when you need any electrical work carried out in your home or office. Amateur electricians can cause accidents with their subpar work. Long after the work is completed shoddy work can cause short circuits and electrical shock,in worst case scenarios it can result in a major blaze too. To prevent […]Read More

Tips to Protect Your Home from Electrical Hazards

Tips to Protect Your Home from Electrical Hazards You may believe your home is safe and secure from electrical hazards, but are you aware of the danger lurking behind your outlets, wiring and appliances? If unattended to, these electrical points can be fatal for your family, especially kids who might unknowingly touch live wires. Here […]Read More

Importance of hiring a qualified professional electrician

Importance of hiring a qualified professional electrician Being aware of serious electrical dangers in your home means more than just keeping your children away from electrical power outlets. The main causes of electric shocks and electrical burns in the home are more often attributed to small household appliances, such as power tools and lighting equipment. […]Read More